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More information/ Buy an artwork.

These drawings are for sale now, drawings 1 till 31 not because the quality of the paper is bad.
The price for an A4 work is €20 and for an A3 work €40 + shipping costs with (registered) mail with Postnl.

If u are intrested in a drawing you can mail me on with the number of the drawing you want, you can pay with Paypal or Bitcoin.

My goal is to do at least one blindfolded work a day.
When i am making a work i just grab on of the materials so that means i don't know which color i get and that makes the outcome way more interesting.

I really like the random factor in making this, i use this factor in more of my art projects simply because it's more exciting and it brings a nice touch to the art.

Personally i like to control thing and when i am making these works i have no control of the colors and just a bit control of the outcome because i can feel where i put for example a piece of tape. So this project is a sort of an art therapy.

I live a life without drugs and alcohol and i am now 4 years sober and i think this project was not possible if i was still drinking and living the old way that i did.

I really enjoy this project and i think it will be going to run for a long long time.

If u want some bigger images for a blog or something else please send me an e-mail, the address is below.

I started this project on 26 june 2018.

All drawings are made on at least 160 grams or 250 grams paper.

For questions you can contact me on:



With a creatieve hello,

Gerard Raatgeep