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Materials that i use for my blindfolded works.

I got to have at least 2 colors of every material so that i don't know which color i use.

Oil pastel. (Jaxon)

Metallic oil pastel.

Neon oil pastel. (Jaxon)


White/grey/black chalk.

Graphite sticks.

Masking tape.

Felt pens. (Stabilo Trio Jumbo)

Pencils. (Stabilo Trio / Stabilo Woody 3 in 1)

Pencils. (Perfecto)

Markers. (Pentel Paint Marker MMP20)

Metallic markers. (Sakura Pen Touch / Staedler / Glass Marker from the Action / Unbranded)

Fineliners. (Stabilo / Unbranded)

Poster markers and nailpolish bottles filled with acrylic paint. (Artline poster markers 30mm and 12mm)

Paper and glue. (in combination with scissors)

Chalk markers. (Magi / Unbranded)

Big chalk markers. (Securit)

Big markers. (Pop marker 30mm)

Washi tape.

Blow dryer.



With a creatieve hello,

Gerard Raatgeep