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These drawings are for sale now, drawings 1 till 31 not because the quality of the paper is bad. The price with shipping is €25 for almost the whole world, shipping with registered mail is possible depending on your location (€22,50 voor Nederland).

If u are intrested in a drawing you can mail me on with the number of the drawing you want, you can pay with paypal.

Here are some BIG IMAGES if needed for a blog or something else, and here are all my videos on my Youtube channel.

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The 7 latest drawings (mouse over image for detail)

Drawing #0159 - 15-11-2018

Drawing #0158 - 14-11-2018

Drawing #0157 - 13-11-2018

Drawing #0156 - 12-11-2018

Drawing #0155 - 11-11-2018

Drawing #0154 - 10-11-2018

Drawing #0153 - 9-11-2018